For many years NuGet is the defacto standard for the dotnet ecosystem. It's easy and powerful.

Many vendors provide their components via nuget, however, at the time writing this post, DevExpress does (for whatever reason) not.

After reading the support forums i found several entries: (including one of my own)

They provide packages for DevExtreme but not for their .NET components.

A few years ago augustoproiete provided nuspec-files to build your own, but that requires a lot of manual work to ajust the specs when there is a new DevExpress version.

So i wrote a tool that scans the assemblies, and builds packages for them.


Install (and enter your licence information) for all the devexpress components you want to package (Universal, Coderush & CodedUI). Download the PDBs and extract them to c:\tmp\symbols

git clone
cd DXNugetPackageBuilder

Adjust the settings in buildPackages.bat to reflect the major version of the DevExpress Components Run buildPackages.bat

Voilà, you have your packages in c:\tmp\nuget:

DX-Nuget-Packages in Windows Explorer

Hope this helps anybody out!

Greetings Manuel