I had the rare opportunity to talk for the first time with Dennis Garavsky from DevExpress in person. After almost 10 years working with him closely in the support center and after getting my MVP-Title (which I am proud of ever since) working more closely together via email, facebook and twitter it was really time to meet up. He was on vacation in Austria and I hope he really enjoyed it. As usual for DevExpress (and esp. Dennis) they really try to find the perfect solution for their customers needs, so he asked me if we can meet up and speak a little bit about the future of XAF & XPO. So he visited me here in Graz before his flight back home.

Dennis and me

We spoke about the problems they phase when developing XAF in general, as well as how the team is structured and it was highly interesting. A shout out here to the whole team from me for doing such an amazing job!

Of course we talked about the bright future with XAF on Blazor, which I am really excited about! We also talked about how I probably could help them out more in the future and also can grow my own business (yes you can hire me since beginning of this year).

Thanks again Dennis for the visit and I am looking forward working with you for the next 10 years (or more).

Ps.: Maybe there is some nice metal festival next year nearby you so we can meet up again!